The FuelFreedom campaign was launched to bring together and support those fighting to assert and promote the place of energy in our modern human lives.

The power of energy was essential to the leaps in human civilisation from the mastery of fire in the Stone Age. The Industrial Revolution commenced in Britain in the 18th-century and still liberating people across the world. Yet the freedom to access energy – electricity, gas, transport fuels – is under threat and vilified while Government policies subsidise and favour pet projects subjectively, at the expense of energy freedom.

FuelFreedom Declaration of Independence

  • We salute the vital importance of energy to human life, the economy and our developed society
  • We recognise the essential value of transportation, commercial and private, to modern life
  • We support the right of consumers to access cheapest possible energy to live their best lives
  • We believe a critical task of any Government is to protect energy security
  • We seek full transparency on all subsidies, taxes, levies and other costs loaded onto energy prices
  • We take no fixed view on the debate over whether there is value in reducing CO2 emissions
  • We support open fact-based rational discussion of all real pollution and energy regulation

Individuals and community organisations may use the FuelFreedom.uk logo with a link to this website freely and donations are welcome. We ask companies to execute a licence agreement to reach FuelFreedom supporters and boost our work. To explore partnership please contact us on licensing@FuelFreedom.uk

Those supporting FuelFreedom in 2022 may call themselves ‘FuelFreedom Founders’ and licencees may also show their licence number, for example ‘FuelFreedom Founder No.55